2021 Executive Board

Saunak Debnath

Saunak Debnath is honored to serve as the Purdue AIAA President for the year 2021. Currently, he is a senior in Aerospace Engineering with minors in Management and Mathematics. He grew up in California and one of the best decisions that he made was joining AIAA as a freshman. With this opportunity, he has been able to serve on the executive board for three years, be a part of AIAA Design, Build, Fly, host outreach events, and speak to many recruiters. He looks forward to meeting with all of you and creating opportunities for students to grow at Purdue. 

Leila Yanni is excited to serve as the Purdue AIAA Vice President as she enjoys spreading the word about all of AIAA's benefits. She's currently a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering with minors in Organizational Leadership and Manufacturing. Originally from Washington state, she loves Purdue's aerospace programs and many extracurricular opportunities. She is also studying to become a private pilot and loves taking lessons at the local Purdue airport. Passionate about aerospace, she's excited to help grow Purdue AIAA so more students can benefit from all they have to offer!

Vice President
Leila Yanni

Emma Duffy is the Treasurer of Purdue AIAA as a senior in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Psychology. She grew up in Washington with a strong STEM program and culture that inspired her to pursue a career in engineering. She joined VFS Purdue her sophomore year as a general member and worked with the design team to eventually become the Vice President. From there, she discovered her interest in Purdue AIAA. Although she is not in the Aerospace field as her choice of study, she is fascinated by the field and looks forward to working with her fellow students to learn and experience all that Purdue AIAA has to offer.

Emma Duffy

Haley Scott is excited to serve as the AIAA Secretary. She is a junior majoring in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering with a minor in Production Lifecycle Management. Originally from Fairmount, Indiana, Haley came to Purdue to pursue her dream of an aerospace career. She chose to continue as a member of the executive board because of all the great connections she made with her fellow members last year as Public Relations Chair. Haley looks forward to talking to other members and spreading the word about AIAA so more students can be a part of a great organization

Haley Scott
Events Coordinator

Mateo is a sophomore from Paris, France. He is majoring in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He chose to attend Purdue University for its rich aerospace legacy and world-renowned engineering program. As Events Coordinator of AIAA, Mateo hopes to organize fun and engaging events for Boilermakers who wish to learn more about aerospace. Ultimately, he hopes this will contribute to members becoming remarkable STEM professionals who will have a positive impact on the world and on Purdue’s legacy. 

Mateo Barre

Noah is currently a sophomore majoring in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. He is excited to fill the position of Projects Coordinator over his next year at Purdue. As the coordinator, Noah keeps tabs on all the design teams, making sure they are making progress and have everything they need. Over the previous two summers, Noah has been an intern in Southern California at a company called ADM Works where his interest in engineering was kindled and he learned about the process of manufacturing prototypes. 

Projects Coordinator
Noah Heinicke
Industrial Relations Chair

Nathan VanDam is the Industrial Chair and is currently a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. He grew up in Sebring, Florida being able to watch rocket launches from his backyard, eventually influencing his decision to join AIAA. As the Industrial Chair, it is Nathan’s goal to organize unique outreach experiences to give AIAA members at Purdue opportunities to hear from and connect with major organizations and companies within the aerospace industry. He hopes for AIAA members to see new opportunities in the industry and be further driven to success within their studies and eventual career.

Nathan VanDam
Academic Relations Chair
Elle Moehring

Elle is a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering. As the Academic Relations Chair of AIAA, she organizes activities and events between students and Purdue faculty as well as academic resources for AIAA members. She is currently working on the Vertical Flight System design team, using CFD to model a single-person flight vehicle. Some of her other extracurricular activities include Purdue Lunabotics, Women in Engineering, and Society of Women Engineers. She is excited to serve as the voice of the students and to help everyone succeed academically this semester. 

Outreach Chair

Alyssa is currently a sophomore majoring in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering with a minor in Business Economics. She is currently working on a wind tunnel project for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum through the EPICS program and is excited to be apart of AIAA. Alyssa is excited to further her passion for working with students and plans to work towards exposing more to aerospace concepts. She has much experience in leading younger students through STEM activities and will use these skills fulfill the mission of AIAA. As Outreach Chair, her goal is to have AIAA members interact with children through various space-related educational activities. She hopes for these connections to grow over time and for Purdue AIAA to get more involved in the community. 

Alyssa Lear
Public Relations Chair
Emma Davis

Emma is currently a sophomore majoring in Web Programming & Design with a minor in Spanish. As the Public Relations Chair of AIAA, Emma is focused on bringing in new members to Purdue's student chapter and spreading the word on all of its events. She is currently working on the Vertical Flight System business team and is a member of Women in Technology. She hopes to help Purdue's AIAA grow and enrich its members with opportunities to connect professionally and socially.