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Fall 2018 Executive Board

Purdue AIAA was a great way get an early experience of what being a part of the National Professional Organization would be like. After joining the executive board my sophomore year, I have had the opportunity to interact with fellow students who share the same passion, network with acclaimed professionals and learn about some amazing researches conducted by professors. Purdue AIAA has taught me vital skills needed for me to succeed in the future. 


Astha Tiwari


I have been a part of AIAA since my freshman year, and this is my third term on the exec board. Ever since I realized that AIAA is the professional organization for our field, I have been empowered to enhance AIAA at Purdue. I love having the opportunity to introduce students to the aero industry and network with professionals! 

Vice President

Eleanor Gordon


I am a freshman in First-Year Engineering planning to major in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. I joined AIAA during my first semester at Purdue in order to meet other students who share my interests and to network with industry professionals. I hope to share my passion for space exploration with others through my position as an AIAA officer.


Stephen Grabowski


I like being in AIAA because I get to have the experience and connections outside of Air Force ROTC that is useful within the aerospace industry. The meetings in AIAA helped me speak with companies and professors on a professional level; therefore, if and when I separate from the military hopefully I have somwhere to go. 


Joshua Kim

5th year

Neal Ottinger


Professional Development Chair

I have been a part of AIAA since my freshman year, and I really appreciate all the networking opportunities with industry professionals, professors, and special guests. Being a part of this professional organization allows me learn more about the aerospace industry and where the future holds for me as an AAE student.

AIAA provides me with insights on the aerospace industry outside of my coursework. It's a great way to stay updated with the industry that I will hopefully contribute to in the future. In addition, the speakers shed light on various responsibilities of various positions within the industry. This club has provided me with networking opportunities and guidance as I progress through diverse aerospace engineering classes at Purdue. 

Outreach Chair

Huan Xu


AIAA is a great place for gathering and knowing new people who’s in this area. I remember being the team lead for 2016-17 High altitude balloon team as a freshman in engineering, it was totally a challenge for me, but it also made me learn a lot of knowledge, leadership skills especially for engineering and academic projects. I am confident that being a design team coordinator at AIAA Purdue this year is going to help me get ready with even more oppurtunities.

Design Team Coordinator

Chenguang Yang


Like most aerospace professionals, I've been fascinated with the freedom of flight since I was young, and for many years, I've wanted to work to further the dream of human exploration and achievement. This year, I've enjoyed the chance to work alongside other dedicated students in bringing new opportunities for Purdue AAE students to campus. I'm glad to be a part of the team!

Noah Mains


Public Relations Chair
Social Chair

This is my first year as a member and officer of AIAA and I look forward to working with a national-level organization that promotes excellence in the aerospace industry. Through this organization I get to connect with like-minded individuals in a setting outside of a general classroom. AIAA has not only helped with my own professional development, but it also allows me to provide my peers with opportunities for growth when it comes to networking and gaining experience.

Ravdip Gill


As a member of the AIAA, I get to interact with other students interested in the aerospace profession and learn from faculty in aerospace.  I can learn more about research and work that others are doing and gain connections in aerospace engineering.


Hanson-Lee Harjono