Design Projects

Design Build and Fly
  • Design, build, and fly aerial vehicles

  • Previous challenges:

    • Compressible UAV

    • Business aircraft

  • Looking for​ students interested in aircraft design and team projects​​​

Co-Leads: Sean Wan (,

                   Christopher Moneyron (

Space System Design Team
  • Goal: Reusable lunar surface access vehicles

  • Research project

  • Looking for people passionate about space exploration and scientific research

  • Previous projects:

    • Space transportation design

    • Lunar prospecting rover

Team Lead: Alexander Leven (

High Altitude Balloon Team
  • Design, build, and launch High Altitude Balloons!​

  • Previous record: 123,000 ft.

  • Competes in the Global Space Balloon Challenge

  • Looking for students interested in designing experiments, innovative engineering projects, and leadership experience

  • Freshman team leads preferred!

Rocketry competition
  • Design, build, and test a rocket

  • Purdue AIAA and SEDS joint project

  • Looking for students

    • Passionate about rocket science

    • Interested in propulsion, payload, and spacecraft design

    • Willing to expand their engineering skills and knowledge​​​

Team Lead: Jan Balk (​

Vertical / Short Take-off and Landing Vehicle Team
  • Competition hosted by Purdue AIAA in partnership with U Michigan

  • Develop a safe, quiet, and compact V/STOL aircraft for a single person​

Team contact: Neal Ottinger (