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Design Projects

The AIAA Foundation sponsors design competitions every year. These competitions offer a great opportunity for students to participate in a simulated real-world problem, allowing students to gain experience and receive useful and constructive feedback from technical experts who sit on AIAA Technical Committees.

Below is some information on each competition and its team along with the contacts for each. Feel free to reach out if you would like some more information!

Design Build and Fly
  • Design, build, and fly aerial vehicles

  • Previous challenges:

    • Compressible UAV

    • Business aircraft

  • Current Challenge: Design a Remote Control, Modular, Electronic-Warfare Aircraft

  • Looking for​ students interested in aircraft design and team projects​​​

Lead: Aidan Molloy at

Vertical Flight Systems
  • Goal: build a flying car prototype

  • Type: Design-Build-Test

  • Looking for people of various backgrounds

  • No experience required

Lead: Yuki Kurosawa at

Space Design Team
  • Goal: Design a Dual Lander Mars Ascent Vehicle

  • Type: Design Report

  • Looking for students interested in designing experiments, innovative engineering projects, and leadership experience

Project Coordinator: Noah Heinicke at

Aircraft Design Team
  • Goal: Design a Hybrid-Electric Regional Turboprop Airplane

  • Type: Design Report

  • Looking for students

    • Passionate about aircraft

    • Wanting to do research that can be applied to real world problems

    • Willing to expand their engineering skills and knowledge​​​

Project Coordinator: Noah Heinicke at

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